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CTI/Pros Choice Products has been a leader in cleaning and restoration science for over 25 years. Our odor neutralizing formulas are founded on years of field tested formulations that have become standards in the industry. Our core Dry Vapor products are based on essential oils from plants, flowers, and trees. You will be impressed by their ability to eliminate odors and improve the living environment.


There are a number of mechanisms that can be used to permanently eliminate an odor.

The most effective and efficient way is of course to remove the source of the odor. When this has been accomplished there often remains the odorous material that has migrated into contiguous non-removable materials, and odorous molecules that have permeated surrounding materials and environmental space. These residual odors cannot be physically removed so we must eliminate them where they are. The options available to accomplish this include: Dry Vapor, Ozone, Bio-Enzymatic, Pairing Agents, Masking Agents, Oxidizing Agents, Molecular and Physical Encapsulation, and Odor Barriers.

  • DRY VAPOR is an alternative to Ozone. Dry Vapor eliminates odors via Bonding and Pairing with the odor molecules rendering it odorless. (see Z-Pairing & Vanderwalls Bonds)(see” Vapor Tunnel”)
  • OZONE is an unstable reactive gas composed of 3 loosely attached oxygen atoms that is formed by an electrical discharge. Ozone eliminates odor by reacting with (oxidizing) the odorous molecule.
  • DIGESTION is accomplished by bacterial enzymatic activity that breaks down and metabolizes the odorous material.
  • MOLECULAR ENCAPSULATION occurs when the active molecule captures (sequesters) the odorous molecule. (see “X-Cide”)
  • OXIDIZERS react with the odorous substance and the products of the reaction are primarily odorless CO2 and H2O. (see “OSR”)
  • PAIRING occurs when two complementary molecules combine and are subsequently recognized as non-odorous. (see “Dry Vapors”, see “X-Cide”)
  • MASKING occurs when a deodorizer fragrance overlays the malodor giving the perception that the odor is gone.
  • ODOR BARRIERS are deodorizing, sealing agents that form a physical encapsulation of the odorous material to lock it away from the living environment. (see “ Odor Barrier”)
  • BROAD SPECTRUM ODOR NEUTRALIZERS are convenient and often used for expedience and simplicity.( see Dry Vapor “Industrial”, see “HD Odor Kill”, see “Odor Eliminator”.
  • ODOR SPECIFIC DEODORIZERS are a surgical approach to bring the best science to bear on a specific problem. Odor Specific Deodorizers are a surgical approach to bring the best science to bear on a specific problem. CTI “Odor Solutions” outperform other deodorizers because they are odor specific.
      1. Each family of malodors has unique characteristics that must be addressed specifically if you are to permanently eliminate the odor. Notice that we have specific formulations to address each of these odor types.
      2. Our formulations incorporate odor neutralization by Z-Pairing. This is a science developed when Hendrik Zwaardemaker (a professor who made a study of odor conjugates) discovered that certain odors when paired with various specific essential oils became undetectable. Hence the term “Z Pairing”.
      3. Our formulations also incorporate molecular encapsulation where the odorous molecule is pulled into (sequestered) by an odor scavenger. This deactivates the odor making it undetectable.
      4. Some of our formulas utilize bio enzymatic metabolism of the odor.
      5. Some of our formulas utilize Oxidation to eliminate the odor.
      6. Most of our formulas incorporate multiple disciplines to assure ultimate performance.

The bottom line: When you have an odor problem, CTI has the Odor Solution.

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