Ozone (03) is a very effective odor eliminator because as a gas it effectively penetrates any place that air can go. This includes the air, walls, cupboards, ductwork, cracks in floors and walls, carpet fibers and more.

Ozone Gas (O3) is a very unstable and reactive gas. When it comes into contact with a substance, such as organic odorous molecules in the air or on surfaces, it triggers a sequence of intermediate reactions that break down and reassemble the atoms of the original substance into non odorous entities.

Ozone reacts primarily 1 to 1 with the target reactant (or odor molecule). With this in mind you can see that the more concentrated the contamination the more ozone concentration or application time will be required to eliminate the odor.

With the knowledge that Ozone reacts with and breaks down organic materials, Professionals must use prudence to avoid damage to contents or life forms when selecting ozone as the treatment.

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