Dry Vapor

Dry Vapor

CTI / Pros Choice has been a leader in cleaning and restoration science for over 25 years. Our odor neutralizing formulas are founded on years of field tested formulations that have become standards in the industry. Our core Dry Vapor products are based on essential oils from plants, flowers, and trees. You will be impressed by their ability to eliminate odors and improve the living environment.

Our Dry Vapor is ecologically sensitive incorporating plant based ingredients that present no threat to animal or aquatic life. Dry Vapor odor neutralizing properties are based in the science of Zwaardemakers Theory which states that two conjugate odors will cancel each other out and become imperceptible. In other words 1 plus 1 equals 0.

When Dry Vapor is released into an odorous environment the vapor molecules seek out and attach to the odorous molecules (based on Van Der Walls Forces) and quickly neutralize the odor utilizing the (Zwaardemaker Theory of pairing). The odor becomes nonexistent to the olfactory senses and naturally bio-degrades.

Dry Vapors are able penetrate porous materials to reach contamination. Our Dry Vapors are able to neutralize the worst of all odors such as Skunk, Dead Body, Male Cat Spray, and more.

Dry Vapor has several advantages: It does not add moisture to the environment, it does not require evacuation of the space that would be required by Ozone or Fogging; and it safely penetrates all porous surfaces to reach the odorous molecules where they are attached.

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