Instructional Videos:  Carpet Cleaning

Intro To Carpet Cleaning – Get the basics with Todd Hinde.  We cover fiber identification, carpet construction and basic cleaning techniques.

Advanced Carpet Cleaning – Expand on the carpet cleaning basics with Ann Bedwell.  Cover more advanced techniques and problem solving methods.

Firestorm Cleaning Demo – Customer videos of our High pH pre-spray in action.

Dinge Away Demo –  Get rid of dark traffic areas that wont brighten no matter how much you clean them.

ARA (Anti Re-Soiling Agent) – Don’t underestimate ARA’s ability to help carpets to prevent rapid re-soiling.

APE Cleaning Solution – Low Moisture cleaning demo with APE Cleaning Solution and APE Cleaning Catalyst.

Instructional Videos: Stain Removal

Basic Stain Removal – Let Ann Bedwell walk you through an introduction to stain removal. This video covers the basic stain removal categories and provides a solid framework to build your stain removal education.

Advanced Stain Removal – Craig Jasper picks up where Ann leaves off with some more advanced stain removal techniques and troubleshooting advice.

Red Relief demo. View how to properly use Red Relief to remove synthetic food dyes like Kool Aid, Gatorade, Cough Syrup and more.

Amazing Rinse Free Spot-All. Great for spotting any wet-cleanable fiber and can even be used to create a dry foam shampoo for cleaning upholstery.

Color Modifying Cosmetics – Quickly and easily correct bleach spots with the Color Modifying Cosmetics. Watch the step by step instructions and troubleshooting techniques.

Citra Quick removes gum, grease, adhesive residues and more with ease.

Ink Stain Removal – Ball Point Pen Ink is no match for the Stain Magic and Pro Solve Liquid!

Cigarette burn repairs made easy. Make those burns disappear like they never happened. Okay, technically this isn’t stain removal but this is a REALLY useful skill in the field.

Instructional Videos: Odor Control

Odor Control Part 1 – Identifying the contamination source and categories
Odor Control Part 2 – Categories continued and odor mapping.
Odor Control Part 3 – Full treatment procedures step by step.
Odor Control Part 4 – Full treatment procedures step by step – continued.
Odor Control Part 5 – Full treatment procedures step by step – ending and Area Rug Treatment.
OSR Mix and Spray- When you’re dealing with larger areas there are much easier ways to mix and apply your OSR.
Odor Solutions – New vapor technologies explained by Craig Jasper

Cooking and Smoke Odors – Ann Bedwell talks about dealing with odors from cigarettes, fires, and cooking.

Instructional Videos: Upholstery Cleaning

Intro to Upholstery Cleaning– Upholstery cleaning is a big topic but Craig Jasper gives us a solid introduction.  There is a whole lot more to know about upholstery cleaning so be sure to look for our full day upholstery cleaning classes.

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