Effective Ways of Odor Control

Odors either at home or in the workplace can be extremely off putting for everyone. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that you are using the right solutions to instantly freshen the air and eliminate odor sources.

Pro’s Choice provides best products to eliminate the odor sources. We have best solutions specifically designed to remove the residues that causes odors by penetrating deep into porous surfaces to remove odors from hard to reach places. For odor control, it’s good to use the basic control chemistries that are in use today. Biological agents, molecular oxidation and masking agents are Pro’s Choice Products that effectively treat odorous areas.

Pro’s Choice not simply mask odors but also use professional odor removal techniques to deal with the cause of the problem. Biological agents like enzymes work effectively to eliminate organic or protein-based odors. Pairing agents eliminate the odors by combining the odor particles. This way, change the shape of the odorous molecule or destroy it. Molecular encapsulation make use of multiple bonding mechanisms to pull the odorous molecule into the active molecule and thus easily absorb the odor. Physical encapsulation occurs when a film- forming agents take in the odious substance and protects it from releasing the odor.

Another odor control chemistries that is in use today is molecular cleaving or oxidation. It occurs when a substance combines with oxygen. Ozone and hydroxyl generators are used to produceozone gas or hydroxyl radicals which can permanently destroy odor with the help of oxidation process.

Odor modification products are best designed to dissolve urine salts and neutralize ammonia and suspend the contamination so it can be rinsed away. This odor cleaning agent is used as a general freshener to a pleasant fragrance. Masking agents when used as a primary odor control provide a pleasant fragrance that mutes the malodor and make it tolerable.

So, if you find your home has been invaded by a serious, persistent odor like smoke, pet or sewage stench, it can be truly a challenging situation. Our skilled experts are trained to identify and eliminate offensive odors, no matter whether they come from an inside or outside source.

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