X-cide, the newest technology in odor removal, integrates the science of (Absorption, Pairing, Modification, and Encapsulation) to safely and permanently eliminate odors without leaving objectionable fragrance or sticky residue behind.

Use X-cide for:
  • Urine, feces, vomit, skunk etc.
  • Pet bed, upholstery, & mattresses odors.
  • Deodorizing shampoo for animal care.
  • General malodor of carpet, pet runs etc.
  • Freshen up while cleaning.
  • Putrefaction (decomposing flesh and organic matter)
For strong embed odors (Urine, vomit, feces):

Prepare a dilute solution of 1 part X-Cide concentrate to 8-16 parts water. Flood the contaminated area sufficiently to soak the surface and liberally penetrate into all sub surfaces where the odor may have migrated. Allow a 10 minute dwell time then vacuum away excess solution from the area. If possible allow area to dry before cleaning. Odors should be gone within minutes. If odor remains it is because X-Cide has not been in contact with all the contamination.


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