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X-Cide for Smoke CT is the best product you can buy to neutralize difficult Cannabis and Tobacco Odors. You will also find it excellent for cooking odors.


This product must come into contact with the odor to neutralize it. You may apply it to any water safe surface. Use a sponge, Sprayer, or ULV Fogger. Add it to your cleaning solution for a deodorizing cleaner. For restorations apply with ULV fogger. Carpets are very porous and require very heavy application to penetrate to the odors.

ADD OZONE: With carpet floating and HVAC fan on, introduce a high concentration of Ozone for 8 hr. or more.  This will catalyze the activity of the X-Cide and remove the odors from the pad and carpet backing which can’t be treated from the surface.  The Ozone will also give you the added benefit of deodorizing the HVAC Ductwork.  The CTI OZONE-X5000 will produce high concentrations of Ozone to maximize the benefits of this procedure.  Always follow all safety guidelines associated with Ozone usage when using this treatment.


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