Wipe Down
For Autos:

Wipe Down for autos quickly cleans away dirt, bugs, and other soils. Then leaves a slick, hi-gloss, protective finish. Wipe Down works equally well on all metal, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. Bug splatters and soil are much easier to remove from a surface that has been cleaned with Wipe Down.  Wipe Down instantly cuts through brake dust and road grime then leaves a great shine and protective coating.

When using Wipe Down on autos with very heavy dust, you can simplify your job by brushing away the heavy dust with a duster prior to cleaning with Wipe Down. When cleaning wheels don’t use duster, just spray on Wipe Down and wipe away the brake dust and soil for a brilliant shine.

For Boats:

Wipe Down for boats quickly cleans away scum, salt spray, and other soils. Then leaves a slick, hi-gloss, protective finish. Your boat looks great, has less drag, and resists scuff marks. Wipe Down works equally well on all fiber glass, metal, painted, and vinyl surfaces.  Protect your metal fixtures and trim from corrosion by regularly cleaning with Wipe Down.

For Kitchens:

Wipe Down is amazing for appliances, counters, stoves, hoods, and especially stainless steel. Oily residues and smudges disappear leaving a high gloss protective finish that is resistant to finger prints and smudges. Housekeepers love Wipe Down.


Wipe Down is easy to use. Just spray the surface and wipe away the soil with a soft cloth. Polish to a high protective shine with a clean dry towel. For heavily tarnished or water spotted surfaces we recommend Bruce’s GSR spot remover before applying a protective coat of Wipe Down.

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