Coffee – Chocolate – Wine (anything organic):

Before going to stain removers, a good extraction cleaning using Firestorm as a prespray may do the trick.  If not move on to the next step below.

Liberally wet stain with Stain Magic or Stain 1.  Buff the spot with a terry towel to remove soil and solution.  Re-apply Stain Magic or Stain 1 and allow to dry.  Any remaining stain will disappear as the area dries.

Kool-Aid – Fruit Punch (synthetic food dyes):

Extraction clean area first to remove excess contamination.  Apply Red 1 liberally to stained fibers and allow up to 20 minutes of dwell time.  Stain should go from red to light yellow.  Then extraction rinse to finish.  If stain does not come out completely follow the procedures in this video.

Vomit – Urine – Feces:

Saturate area liberally with OS-1.  Agitate with a brush.  Extraction clean the area.  Re-apply OS-1 lightly and allow to dry.

ink – Magic Marker:

Wet the stain and an ara about 2 inches around the stain with a solution of Stain Magic.  Then wet just the stain with Pro Solve Liquid and agitate the spot with a Carpet Shark, Popsicle Stick or etc.  Stain will begin to disappear as you agitate.  Add Stain Magic and solvent as required.  Extraction rinse away the dissolved stain and solution.

Crayon and Scuff Marks:

Wet a towel with Pro’s Choice Pro Solve Liquid and agitate marks till they melt away.

Hard Water Spots:

Use Bruce’s GSR (Water Spot Remover / Glass Polish)

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