In all odor related cleaning, always apply the deodorizing product after a thorough vacuuming and before any cleaning is performed.  This is because if you clean first the cleaning solution can block and dilute your odor eliminating solution.  So for the best results; first vacuum,  second apply odor neutralizer, third clean and fourth reapply odor neutralizer.

Vomit – Urine – Rotten Food:

Vacuum area thoroughly.  Saturate area with OS-1.  Agitate area gently but thoroughly with a brush.  Then extraction clean using multiple vacuum only passes to leave as dry as possible.  Finish with a light re-application of OS-1.  As the area dries the OS-1 will remove any residual stains and odor.

Sweat – Body Odors:

Wet the odorous ara with X-Cide and allow it to dwell for 10 minutes to penetrate prior to extraction cleaning.

Smoke (Tobacco and Cannabis):

Wipe down all wet cleanable surfaces with a dilute cleaning solution of Firewater and Smoke Off.  For 1 gallon of solution lend 4 ounces Smoke Off, 4 ounces Firewater and the balance water.


Extraction clean all fabric and carpet surfaces with a solution of 2 ounces of Pro Powder and 4 ounces of Smoke per gallon of water.  To deodorize all unreachable surfaces run a Pro’s Choice Vapor Tunnel with a Smoke Vapor Bar for at least 4 hours.

Mold – Musty Odors:

Prespray suspect carpet liberally with X-Cide Mold.  Allow 10 minutes dwell time.  Extraction clean and then dry very thoroughly.

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