Gym Guard

Gym Guard

Gym Guard is designed specifically for the unique odor and soiling problems found in gyms and martial arts studios.  Gym Guard destroys sweat and foot odors and cleans away soil.  Not a cover-up or perfume but a new science molecular modifier.

Gym Guard retards soil build up and enhances vacuuming.  Body oils leave a sticky residue which attracts and holds dirt.  Gym Guard absorbs these oils and changes them to a dry non-sticky crystal.


For Carpet:

Using a pump-up sprayer (preferably with a fan spray pattern) apply with even overlapping passes.  Apply at a rate of 1 gallon for every 300 to 400 square feet of carpet.  For best performance us a clean brush or stiff broom to brush Gym Guard into fibers. Apply in the evening after students and staff have left to avoid foot traffic until product is dry. After carpet has dried vacuum regularly to remove soil released by Gym Guard.

For Mats:

Spray surface of mat with Gym Guard.  Brush area to loosen soil.  Wipe away soil and excess moisture with dry towel.

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