Commercial Cleaning:

Cleaning office buildings that have commercial glue down carpets (no pad underneath).  These places have lots of foot traffic and spills like coffee and soda, especially around the break room. This makes time a big issue because the longer your in there the less you make.

Some common cleaning problems you will encounter are:

Wicking, this is where the carpet looks great when you leave but sub surface stains come up as the carpet dries.

Rapid re-soil from spills, this is where the carpet cleans up great but stains reappear over a period of weeks due to sticky residues (like from soda spills) attracting soils.

Rapid re-soil from detergent residue.  Again, the carpet will clean up great but in this case the traffic areas re-soil within a few weeks due to detergent residues attracting soils.

In many cases, to save time and money, low moisture cleaning (especially bonnet cleaning with the wrong products) is used to maintain the carpets without having to hot water extraction (HWE) clean every time. This can lead to a buildup of detergents in the carpet that can cause rapid re-soil. The answer to this is to use a product that not only doesn’t leave a sticky residue but also actively removes existing residues.  This brings us to Soil Crystallization Cleaning.

Just exactly what is Crystallization Cleaning and how should I use it?  The mechanism used for Crystallization Cleaning is an enrittling agent that changes from a liquid to a very brittle crystal as it dries.  This eliminates the primary cause of rapid re-soiling… sticky residue.

These products make carpets stay clean longer by absorbing sticky soil and detergent residue and then changing to a dry brittle crystal that breaks up and can be vacuumed away.

CTI initially released crystallization technology to professional cleaners in the Pro’s Choice ARA Anti Re-Soiling Agent.  This product is used as a post cleaning over-spray that absorbs wicking soil residue and converts it to a non-sticky brittle crystal that breaks up and is vacuumed away. After ARA CTI released Brush & Bonnet (with Stain Guardian) APE Cleaning Solution and SCR (Soil Crystallizing Rinse).  Both of these product utilize the same crystallizing polymer that makes ARA so effective in removing residues.

 A unique and incredibly effective method for applying Brush & Bonnet and cleaning commercial with a minimum amount of moisture is the Cimex.

And for additional brightening power, boost the Brush & Bonnet with APE Cleaning Catalyst.  The Catalyst will brighten the carpet as it dries.

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