• Institutional: Recommended for odors found in Hospitals, Rest Homes, Nurseries, Police Stations, Public Restrooms, Jails, and Etc.

  • Protein: Recommended for odors from decomposing proteins found in Crime Scenes, Autopsy, Garbage Collection Areas, Dead Animal, and  Etc.

  • Fire: Recommended for odors from burning structural materials.

  • Smoke: Recommended for areas contaminated with tobacco or cannabis smoke. Also effective in plant growing and harvesting environments.

  • Athletic: Recommended for Gyms, Jujitsu and Karate schools, Locker Rooms, Health Clubs, and Etc.

  • Dumpster: Recommended for trash collection areas and trash chutes.  Available in Cherry and Juniper fragrance.

  • Urine: Recommended for any area having urine or ammonia like odor.

  • Mold: Recommended for areas having damp musty odor. Water Damage Restoration, Basements, Antique Stores, etc.

  • Skunk:  Recommended for odors from Skunk and Skunk Musk.


X-Cide concentrates are formulated to eliminate odors associated with specific situations and are paired with the corresponding Dry Vapor Concentrates.  X-Cide is a proprietary blend of pure fragrance oils, odor encapsulators and anti-microbials.  X-Cide Liquid can be diluted and applied directly with a pump-sprayer or fogged with the Drymax ULV Fogger.

Pro's Choice, the choice for carpet cleaning, stain removal, odor control, and stone, tile and grout cleaning.

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